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I offer hand-made solutions for people and organizations. True to my motto

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf(Joseph Goldstein),

I provide effectives concepts for the “waves” of your organization or your life.


Anette Dielmann, born 1958, married
  • since 1994: working as freelance business consultant, OD - organizational development, coach, trainer
  • since 2011: TSTA-O
  • since 2011: owner of the Business Manufaktur company, Kaiserslautern
  • end of 2019: renaming of the Business Manufaktur company to
    Anette Dielmann – Coaching | Consulting | Transactional Analysis

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 My main focus

  • Management consultation - Organizational Development and Leadership Development
  • Training of executive managers, coaches and organizational consultants in Systemic Transactional Analysis
  • TA Train the Trainer - CTA and PTSTA
  • Coaching of executive managers in change processes
  • Process design in structural changes
  • Team development after structural changes
  • Horse-assisted learning

I offer workshops, supervision, mentoring, exam preparation and mock exams for TA beginners, advanced learners (aiming for CTA-O) and teachers (aiming for CTA-trainer/TSTA-O).

Internationally, I am or have been actively teaching (TA and other subjects) in...
Great Britain, Hungary, Poland, the Republic of South Africa, Romania and the Ukraine.

I specialise in

  • experiencing TA first hand – with horses,
  • changing script with horses,
  • management consultation based on Systemic Organizational Analysis (G. Mohr),
  • Functional Fluency (S. Temple).

Systemic Transactional Analysis - a valuable tool for managers and consultants in organizations

  • It is based on a development-oriented idea of man,
  • offers an comprehensible and pragmatic image of organizational dynamics,
  • contains models helping us to understand and value human personalities,
  • explains how communication and relationships work,
  • offers models describing the context and the individual view on reality of the doer,
  • has comprehensive ideas as to development and shaping change and
  • provides a well-stocked toolbox to effectively mould and attend the development of people and systems.
Other than TA-trainees, most of my clients are…

non-profit organisations, SMEs, financial institutions, universities, administrations, rescue services and hospitals and commercial enterprises (car manufacturers, waste management, …).

My personal skills are…

  • bringing people into contact,
  • empowering people to act,
  • empathizing and clearly stating awkward facts,
  • being brave.

My values

People want to learn, they want to be invited and inspired to learn. My principal values are

  • respect,
  • empowerment,
  • protection,
  • responsibility and
  • commitment in relationship,

aiming for an increase in professional autonomy through awareness, flexibility and active relationship-orientation in all life worlds.

 "Gabriellas song" from Kay Polack´s movie "As it is in Heaven" best describes the development I am trying to support through my work with clients, trainees and organizations.

What others say about my work and me

  • “Anette Dielmann is committed and very friendly, really interested in people.”
  • “She has a positive attitude, makes people curious and knows how to inspire.”
  • “She really knows what she is talking about and makes coherent offers.”
  • “Anette never beats about the bush and she addresses what she reads between the lines.”

Common feedback relating to my work

  • Well-structured presentation of theory
  • Substantial course material
  • Addresses what happens “out of sight”
  • Meets everyone/coaches at their level, inspires trust very soon
  • Never boring, times passes quickly
  • Very intense, learned a lot



Occasion, Venue




Ötiso-Symposium, Conference Reader, EATA

Attachment to and Separation from Staff

Günther Mohr


DGTA-Conference, Lindau

Edinburgh World TA Conference


DGTA-Conference, Hannover

Micropolitics, Power and Empowerment,

Strategies for Consultants

Dr. Thomas Steinert


Growth and Change for Organizations; Ed. Günther Mohr und Dr. Thomas Steinert

Hard Cuts in Organizations

Günther Mohr


DGTA-Conference, Saarbrücken

Economic Ethics – Decision-making and Responsibility in Ethical Dilemmata



DGTA Conference, Freiburg

Organizational TA – an up-to-date theoretical concept

Günther Mohr


Book Review, ZTA

Ulrich Dehner, Renate Dehner: Transactional Analysis in Coaching – Professionalizing Coaching with TA concepts, models and techniques, Reihe Praxishandbuch Coaching, managerSeminare Verlags GmbH Bonn, 2013



Weigel, Sascha (Editor) Manual: Theory and Practice of Transactional Analysis in the Mediation Context

Conflict Solving with the DGTA Ethics Committee – A Contribution to the Discussion



ZTA Article: Working with Horses and TA (2015/2)

Working with Script – Examples from a self-awareness workshop with TA trainees

Luise Lohkamp, Kerstin Wiese, Bertine Kessel, Katja Franck


Therapeutisches Reiten, Deutsches Kuratorium für Therapeutisches Reiten (DKThR)

Team Coaching with Horses

Luise Lohkamp


Humans and Horses – Horse-assisted Support and Therapy, Ernst Reinhard Verlag, München

Professional Horse-assisted Coaching: Background – Further Education - Methods

Luise Lohkamp

 Presentations and Workshops at Conferences and TA Groups


Occasion, Venue


Cooperation with ...

May 2002

DGTA Conference, Hof

Workshop: Systemic Constellations and Sculpure Work in Teams

Dietrich Siemann

May 2003

DGTA Conference, Stuttgart

Workshop: TA in the Psychosocial Process of a Bank Merger

Dietrich Siemann

October 2004

TAO Symposium, Salzburg

Workshop: Attachement to and Separation from Staff

Günther Mohr

May 2005

DGTA Conference, Lindau

Workshop: Reduction in staff? TA Concepts helping in Change Processes

Günther Mohr

July 2005

EATA Conference, Edinburgh, Schottland

Workshop: Building Relationships with and Separating from Employees

Günther Mohr

May 2006

DGTA Conference, Hannover

Workshop: Utilizing Communicative Spaces – Creative Training and Coaching with Horses


Workshop: Micropolitics, Power and Empowerment, Strategies and Competencies for Consultants

Dr. Thomas Steinert

May 2007

DGTA Conference, Stuttgart

Workshop: New Thoughts on Autonomy – Developing Perspective Patterns for Autonomy in Relationsships. A Workshop for People and Systems

Bernd Taglieber

May 2008

DGTA Conference, Schwerin

Lecture: Horses and People – High-Contrast Relationsships


Workshop: Horses as Co-Trainers – Different Worlds

Kerstin Wiese

May 2009

DGTA Conference, Lübeck

Workshop: Emotions in Organizations – How Sisyphus became a Blaster


Workshop: Treasuring the Moment - Gaining Autonomy through Horse-assisted Consulting or Coaching with TA Concepts

Kerstin Wiese

May 2010

DGTA Conference, Saarbrücken

Economic Ethics – Decision-making and Responsibility in Ethical Dilemmata


July 2010

EATA Conference, Prag

TA Manufacturing – live: learning experiments based on Systemic Transactional Analysis

Annelie Figul

July 2011

TA World Conference, Bilbao

Workshop: MOVE LEARN LOVE New creative approaches to TA in the field of learning and working together in systems

Annelie Figul

Organizational Open Space: „Motivation and TA-Theory“


March 2012

Transactional Analysis Pedagogy Day, Vienna

TA Concepts as Motivational Stimuli in Change Processes


May 2012

DGTA Conference, Saarbrücken

Outrageous and Unsighted – As If! How to express the Hero within us and our Clients


August 2012

ITAA Conference, Chennai

Change and Integration – TA-O Today

Günther Mohr

October 2012

Sharon Kalinko, JoBurg, South Africa

2 Day Workshop: Modern Organizational TA and Supervision


October 2012

EATA Summer School, Poland, Krakow

1 Day - Workshop – „Organizational Script“. Concept of Script, Diagnosis, Change Management, Interventions in Organizations


April 2013

Sharon Kalinko, JoBurg, South Africa

1 Day Workshop – Modern Organizational TA and Supervision


May 2013

DGTA Conference, Freiburg

Developing Organization Patterns – with Organizational TA – an up-to-date TA concept with practical examples and reflexions

Günther Mohr

July 2013

EATA Conference, Oslo

The Encounter of People in Counselling, Training and Leadership seen from an Ethical Perspective


Modern TA Theory – a Blueprint of Facts and Mysteries in Organizations

Günther Mohr

October 2013

ÖGTA – Symposium, Salzburg

Meeting People in Consulting, Training, Leadership – The Ethical Perspective


March 2014

Transactional Analysis Pedagogy Day, Vienna

School System Dynamics

Günther Mohr

May 2014

DGTA Conference, Dresden

Lecture: Riding to Change City: An Organizational Change Process Tutor recounts three different Organization’s Rides


Workshop: Stories told by Organizations

Günther Mohr

Workshop: In Order that Teamwork doesn’t stay a Myth – Using Functional Fluency in Organizational Development

Jutta Kreyenberg

May 2014

TA Works, Oxford

What can horses reveal about our script


March 2015

IFAT, Paris

The Systemic Approach to TA Continuing Education


May 2015

DGTA Conference, Augsburg

“Measurable or forgettable - quality assurance for future executive managers”

Günter Hallstein

Shaping the future with professional executive managers – taking a bank as an example


Nov. 2016

YATA, Kiev

Systemic Transactional Analysis - An Introduction

Günther Mohr

May 2016

DGTA Conference, Hamburg

Tore und Brücken zur Welt –wie das Belohnungsversprechen Transaktionsanalyse hilft, neue Wege unerschrocken zu beschreiten

Iris Faßbender

July 2017

World Conference for Transactional Analysis, Berlin

Boundaries as chances: Effective and intense relationship work – TA and animal-assisted interventions

Kathy Christina Pithan

Functional Fluency and Leadership 4.0

Jutta Kreyenberg


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